Tana Chinese Cuisine
Boulevard Gajah Mada Street 2121 Lippo Cyber Park
Phone: (021) 5472216

Tajak Restaurant
Jend Sudirman Street 70
Phone: (021) 5526910

Sea Food 99 Restaurant
Gading Serpong Complex 10-11
Phone: (021) 5470033

Sarpinos Pizzeria
Ruko Golden Road VII-B Block S/106-107
Phone: (021) 5378881

Sari Rangkat Restaurant
Boulevard Gajah Mada Street Lippo Supermall 2058-2060
Phone: (021) 55793327

Sari Bundo Restaurants
Raya Serang Street Km 21/5
Phone: (021) 5969064

Sapo Garden Restaurant
Ruko Pentungan Block A/3
Phone: (021) 55770357

Sandel Restaurant
Ruko Pinangsia Block B/35 RT 003/04
Phone: (021) 55795821

Sakura Restaurant
Mahkota Mas Complex Block A/12
Phone: (021) 5548331

Roy Fried Chicken
Sitanala Street 4-E
Phone: (021) 55794672

RJs Sport Bar & Grill
401 Boulevard Jend Sudirman Lippo Karawaci 1300
Phone: (021) 5460101

Remaja Restaurant
Boulevard Raya Street Block BA-4/2
Phone: (021) 5467856

Red Bean Restaurant
Boulevard Diponegoro Street 105 Supermal Lippo Karawaci 114 A Phone: (021) 54211958

Ratna Restaurant
Roro Jonggrang Street
Phone: (021) 55655771

Putri Kenanga Restaurant-food Court
Hartono Raya Street Modern Metropolis Town Square
Phone: (021) 55780222

Pits Grill & Resto
Complex BSD VI Block RQ/101
Phone: (021) 5375951

Parrot Garden Restaurant
Jend Sudirman Street Imperial Country Club 405
Phone: (021) 5460123

MM Juice & Restaurant
Boulevard P Diponegoro Street 105 Supermal Lippo Karawaci
Phone: (021) 5473727

Mc Donals
Teras Bukit Raya Street VII 604
Phone: (021) 5380323

Iko Bento Restaurant
Raya Serpong Street BSD Plaza
Phone: (021) 5387617

Hokkaido Restaurant
Jend Sudirman Street Imperial Country Club 405
Phone: (021) 5460123

Marinara Restaurant
MH Thamrin Street Mahkota Mas Block E/35
Phone: (021) 55743005

Kwetiau Sapi Restaurant
Merdeka Raya Street 294-A
Phone: (021) 5534592

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Raya Serpong Street BSD Plaza Complex
Phone: (021) 5371433

Intermezzo Cafe
Kapt Subijanto Street DJ German Centre Building
Phone: (021) 5376255

Hongkong Chinese Food
Villa Melati Mas Block B-10/32
Phone: (021) 5370425

Furami Restaurant
Raya Serpong Street, SR-1/36-37
Phone: (021) 5372294

Family Restaurant
Boulevard Palem Raya Street
Phone: (021) 5469168

Bintang Fried Chicken
Daan Mogot Street 5
Phone: (021) 5522928

2000 Restaurant
Raya Curug Street 1
Phone: (021) 5980138

Yong Kee Soup Seafood
Raya Serpong Street Ruko Sutera Niaga I Block A/38
Phone: (021) 5399880

Yasuka Restaurant
Raya Serang Street Km 14/14
Phone: (021) 5960902

P Diponegoro Street 105 Supermal Lippo Karawaci 102
Phone: (021) 5462360

Ulema Restaurant
Ruko Pinangsia Block H/3
Phone: (021) 55778182

Top M Terrace Restaurant
Boulevard P Diponegoro Street 1 Supermal Lippo Karawaci 1st floor
Phone: (021) 5462607

Tomato Restaurant
Ruko Pinangsia Lippo Block H/35
Phone: (021) 5588971

Tio Ciu Restaurant
Boulevard Raya Street Gading Serpong Complex Block BA-3/36
Phone: (021) 54201333

Texas Fried Chicken
Boulevard P Diponegoro Street 105 Supermal Lippo Karawaci
Phone: (021) 5462029

Tangs Restaurant
Boulevard Palm Raya Street
Phone: (021) 5472305

Hoka Hoka Bento Restaurant
Boulevard Karawaci Street Supermal Lippo Karawaci
Phone: (021) 5462323

Hanamasa Restaurant
Boulevard P Diponegoro Street Supermal Lippo Karawaci 34
Phone: (021) 5462608

Hana Ceong Restaurant
Ruko Pinangsia Karawaci Office Park Block I/3
Phone: (021) 55776457

Hae Undae Restaurant
Pinangsia Karawaci Office Park Block D/28
Phone: (021) 55778527

Pizza Hut
Boulevard P Diponegoro Street 105 Lippo Supermall
Phone: (021) 5462017


Sea Food Jaya 21
Veteran Street 14
Phone: (0254) 201737

Hawaii Fast Food
Juhdi Street 29
Phone: (0254) 211001

Gumarang Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street 157
Phone: (0254) 204447

Family RM
Kp Parung 14
Phone: (0254) 280570

Fajar Centre Restaurant
Raya Serang Street Km 39,5
Phone: (0254) 400241

Andalas Rumah Makan
Multatuli Street 42
Phone: (0252) 205145

Saung Dilla Rumah Makan
Kp Sampay
Phone: (0252) 280560

Sederhana Rumah Makan
Tirtayasa Street 22
Phone: (0252) 201759


Dinasty Restaurant
Simpang Tiga Street 23
Phone: (0254) 391042

Blue Moon Restaurant
Raya Bojong Street 10
Phone: (0254) 600250

Bintang Laguna Restaurant
Raya Serang Street 22
Phone: (0254) 374026

Batubolong Discotiq And Restaurant
Raya Merak Plorida Street
Phone: (0254) 571895

Amigos Restaurant
Raya Merak Street 49 Complex Bonakarta Block C/20-21
Phone: (0254) 395235

Midori Japanese Restaurant
Raya Anyer Street Km 127
Phone: (0254) 602577

Makasar Sea Food
Raya Serang Sukmajaya Street
Phone: (0254) 380244

Kuring Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street 35
Phone: (0254) 381458

Korea Restaurant
Simpang Tiga Street 102
Phone: (0254) 387821

Jakarta Restaurant
Kp Medaksa
Phone: (0254) 571572

Hana Restaurant
Raya Serang Street Block B/3
Phone: (0254) 393246

Gonta Restaurant
Yasin Beji Street 6
Phone: (0254) 384085

Top Ten Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street 58
Phone: (0254) 399321

Simpang Raya Restaurant
Sultan Agung Tirtayasa Street
Phone: (0254) 396488

Sharsuki Restaurant
Complex Bonakarta Block A/38-48
Phone: (0254) 387365

Saiki Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street 2
Phone: (0254) 391195

Planet Restaurant
Complex Pondok Cilegon Indah Block KK/A-4/19
Phone: (0254) 380448

New Flamingo
Raya Sirih Anyer Street Km 128
Phone: (0254) 601292

Latest News

Sawarna Beach, Lebak – Banten

Sawarna Beach Sawarna beach, that located in Lebak, Banten province is now becomes more popular to be visited. In a decade, this beach that located along the forest beach in line with Pelabuhan Ratu, raise as one of most-visited beach and entitled as a new pearl in Southern Banten. To reach Sawarna, the travelers from Jakarta can be start the journey from Tangerang, Tigaraksa and Malimping, Bayah. While, from Bandung, we can start from Pelabuhan Ratu, then down the coast to the west. Unfortunately, we have to ask to the…

Serang, Banten

Serang Serang is the capital of Banten Province and the administrative center of Serang Regency. The administrative center of the regency and the capital of the province is the independent municipality of Serang (Kota Serang). Serang is about 10 km from Old Banten, the province’s former capital. Merak, a major port and ferry terminal, is located just west of the regency. Serang is bounded by Java Sea to the north, Tangerang Regency to the east, Lebak Regency and Pandeglang Regency to the south, and Cilegon to the west. Old Banten…

To Pandeglang With Love

Pandeglang Pandeglang is a regency in Banten province with the capital of the same city. This rgency is bordered to the north of Serang, Lebak District in the East, and the Indonesian Ocean in the west and south. Its area also includes the island of Panaitan to the west, separated by the Strait of Panaitan, and number of small islands in the Indian Ocean, including the Deli Island and Tinjil Island. Ujung Kulon Peninsula is the most western tip in Java island, where there are wildlife reserves and there is…

Banten, Between Debus And Rhinos

Banten Banten is one of Indonesia Provinces that stand on the tip of Java Island. Formerly was a part of West Java Province, but on 2000 was separated and become a single province. The administrative city is located on Serang city. Banten at early begin was a port city with the busiest activity and prosperous people. Also, Banten was the most important port from Sunda Kingdom. When it was become a part of Sultanate of Banten, Banten became the biggest port city on South East Asia as big as Malaka…

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