A Family Vacation in CAS Waterpark Cikole, Pandeglang Banten

For those who are looking for a reference of a family vacation destination, there is CAS Waterpark Cikole. The location is in Kadomas Village, Pandeglang. That means you need to reach Banten Province first. As the name implies, it is a location to enjoy fun water sports. Due to its strategic location, tourists are able to reach it easily. No wonder, it is always crowded during weekends and holidays. In fact, it only takes 10 minutes from Pandeglang Square. Most of the visitors are families. Still, it is suitable for everyone.

The Nuance
In terms of size, the waterpark isn’t quite big. However, it features different types of unique structures. You can find many waterslides there. With a small amount of entry fee, you are able to explore and play water. The pools are shallow and they feature clear fresh water. Kids would definitely love to play in it. Apart from the pools, there are several animals and plants. The management has decided to keep them near to this waterpark. Thus, visitors are able to witness these attractions freely.

Exploring CAS Waterpark Cikole
If you come from Serang, it takes about an hour to reach the waterpark. Have no worries as you would enjoy the trip perfectly. The thing is you must choose the right time to visit it. For those who want to enjoy a merry vacation, it is better to come in holidays. This way, you can find more people in the location. There is an opportunity to make some new friends, too. That means your kids are able to play with other kids in the waterpark.

Once you enter waterpark, what you see is a flawless nature. It is because such tourist attraction is surrounded by trees and other beautiful objects. The shady trees create a comfortable and refreshing nuance, too. Visitors can either play water or relax there. As for extras, there is a mini zoo. It contains small animals like chickens, monkeys, hedgehog, and much more. One thing, you are not allowed to feed them. The keeper may warn visitors who try to give foods to those animals.

If you want to relax, there are several clean and comfortable gazebos. Visitors are allowed to use them freely! Here is an idea. Why don’t you carry some snacks and drinks? You can enjoy these with your families or friends in such gazebo. As an alternative, you can simply buy snacks from nearby food stands. For more entertainment, there are numerous mini rides such as train, roller coaster, and much more. These are suitable for families with kids, for sure.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pandeglang Square
  • Curug Putri

How to Get There
CAS Waterpark Cikole is located in Pandeglang Regency. If you come from Jakarta, the trip may take about 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is because the distance is roughly 114 km. The best route to reach Pandeglang is Pantura Street. Later, you can use Tangerang – Merak Freeway. Once you get there, it is time to head to Kadomas Village. The waterpark is situated near to Pandeglang Square so you can notice it right away.

Where to Stay

  • Paranti Hotel
  • Pandeglang Raya Hotel
  • Sejahtera Hotel

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